The mission here at Agape Visions, Inc., to enhance the life of single moms in faith, in family, and in business has led the company to expand into multiple sites. However, this is still one big family, with one solid goal. In keeping with that solidarity, subscribers to the newsletter for any Agape Visions, Inc. site is granted full access to all Agape Visions, Inc. subscriber freebies, regardless of what site they were created to serve best.

How Our Newsletter Works

The newsletter for each Agape Visions, Inc. site is sent out on a monthly basis on the first Yom Rishon {sundown Saturday to sundown Sunday}, after Rosh Chodesh {the first day of the biblical month, literally head of the month}, unless Rosh Chodesh falls on Shabbat {sundown Friday to sundown Saturday}. IN that case it would be sent out on the second Yom Rishon. In it you will find some top posts of the month from the site you are subscribed to, the single most popular post across all Agape Visions, Inc. sites, and links to other articles and information relevant to the focus of the site you are subscribed to.

A Newsletter + Deals and Subscriber Exclusives

As available, your newsletter will also include any deals relevant to the topic of the site you are subscribed to from across the internet. {This may include affiliate links, please see our disclosure policy for details.} You will also be notified of deals and sales from the Agape Visions, Inc. store and the availability of new products. On a rare occasion, I may also share an extra email with time-sensitive deals that I am revealing for my subscribers only in addition, but know that I value the honor of being granted access to your space and this method of sharing will only be used sparingly. Most time-sensitive things that I share will be done so via social media.

Subscriber Freebie Access with Your Newsletter

Right after confirming your subscription, you will get an email with a link and a password to immediately gain access to the download page for the subscriber freebies. The information you need to access your subscriber freebies will also be at the bottom of each newsletter email, as this information will regularly change. Take a few moments to check out the subscriber freebies currently available. Click the images below for more details about each.

Planning a Successful Sabbath eBook via @AgapeVisionsInc In Need of a Day of Rest? Planning a Successful Sabbath takes you through grace-filled tips on how to effectively plan a Sabbath Day in the areas of the heart, the lids, and the home.

My Toral Journal via @AgapeVisionsInc Journaling through the yearly Torah cycle is a great way to expand your experience and helps children relate better to the content they are studying. The Torah Journal was created to help your family do just that!


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Enhancing the Lives of Single Moms

…in Faith  …In Family   …In Business

{Focus} General Quality of Life | Business

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Bringing Proverbs 31 to Life for Single Moms

{Focus} Deepening Faith | Home Management |Holistic & Sustainable Living

The Torah Garden

Planting God’s Word in Fertile Soil

Teaching Diligently | Discipling Lovingly | Living Passionately

{Focus} Homeschooling | Torah-observant Living

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Enlightened Hearts Studies

Writing the Word of God on the Tablets of Women’s Hearts

Enlightening Hearts | Strengthening Spirits | Enlivening Faith

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