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2013_06_30 Blessings

Often along this journey of life we find ourselves in a state of desire. Let’s just be honest. There is always something that we want. There is always something that we are looking to upgrade in our lives. Now, most of us have the asking for it part down pat. We will boldly go before the Throne of Grace and pray fervently for what we desire {Luke 11:8-10}, but far too often we forget to prepare for that prayer to be fulfilled. In light of that, there are a few things I like to keep in mind when I want something:

1. Have I been faithful with what I already have? {Luke 16:10-12}

Sometimes I realize that I am asking for a new version of something that I never really used the older version of, like wanting a new gadget when I barely use all the gadgets I already have. I have also wanted something new simply because I didn’t like the way the old one looked despite the fact that it still met my needs and worked perfectly. Then there are the times when I want something new because the old doesn’t work as well as it used too.

As a solution, I go through my house and gather up all the things that aren’t being used and I’m honest about my intentions towards it. If it is never going to be used then it typically gets donated, though I will occasionally sell something. If I simply don’t like the way something looks then I put Pinterest to good use and find a way to dress it up. Lastly, if it doesn’t work as well as it used to then I give it a good cleaning inside and out. Many times it is simply build-up or the kind of wear and tear that can be easily mended that has things moving sluggish, so a quick clean and “tune-up” and it’s back working like new. However, if after all that, I still feel the desire to have the new thing then at least I have a less cluttered house to put it in. Spiritually speaking I have also strengthened my resolve, my confidence, and my expectation by proving that my desire is valid.

2. If God showed up right now with everything I asked Him for, would I be ready to receive it?

I cannot count the number of times I have been overwhelmed by a blessing or gotten a blessing that, despite my desire for it, I wasn’t truly ready to receive. I know that may seem glamorous to some, but it can realistically be quite stressful. Let’s say you’ve been praying for a new living room set. If it showed up today, how much time and energy would you have to put into preparing a new spot for it? When was the last time you cleaned behind the old one? Would you want the people delivering it to see the mess back there?  You’ve been praying for a new source of income, but have you started rearranging your day so that you know what kind of time you have available for it? You’ve been praying for a husband, but have you been preparing your mind, body, and spirit to be a wife?

All of these things could be extremely overwhelming if they showed up and you weren’t ready. Too often we expect to see blessings coming and to have time to prepare. When the truth is that everything we ask for already exists in the spiritual realm and is simply in need of being manifested in the natural. This can happen without warning. Once you ask for something, start preparing your life for it as if the delivery truck is on its way right now! Each and every day get up and prepare a bit more and bit more. I’m not saying that God won’t answer any of your prayers if you don’t get ready first. However, after being on the receiving end of some overwhelming blessings, I am convinced that He does delay some of the bigger blessings until we have prepared ourselves as a mercy to us, knowing that if we received it before we were ready it would spell our doom. So get in there and clear the path and make a space for your blessing to fill!

For me, these kinds of things put action to my faith {James 2:17}. They increase my level of expectation and heighten my awareness so that I am always on the lookout for my blessings to appear. They help me live out my prayers in a way that keeps my relationship with God fresh and new each day. I get excited when I am preparing for something new, because I know that when it comes it is going to be so much bigger and greater than I imagined! I praise Him as I go, because the more and more I prepare the closer the manifestation feels. And without a doubt, when it arrives, I am always so grateful that I was ready in advance. I get to sit back and enjoy my blessing in total peace!

I encourage you beloved, give it a try! Whatever you have been praying for, start making a space for it right now! Starting preparing for it and living as if you already have it as much as possible! Show God that you are faithful with what He has given you and are prepared to be faithful with more! That kind of attitude is a blessing waiting to happen!

I pray you edification and renewal beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~



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  1. Jennifer
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    Thank you for sharing. Much of this is perfect timing for my ears. 🙂

    • ~rose~
      | Reply

      I’m so glad it you were able to glean something from this! All glory and honor to God! Thank you so much for coming by~

  2. Beautiful. You have a gift…thanks for sharing it with us on Sverve. 🙂

    • ~rose~
      | Reply

      You bless me beloved! Thank you so much!~

  3. Nikki Brewer
    | Reply

    Kimberly I love everything you write.. it comes from such a pure place and you can hear it in your writing.. everything that comes from you I take note of and really dwell on it!

    • ~rose~
      | Reply

      Nikki I have tears! I will treasure these words in my heart! It has been a powerful week around here for me and my cup runneth over! You have encouraged me every step along the way and thank you so much for that! All glory and honor abound to God above, for He has truly given me Grace!~

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