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2013_11_17 Prayer Journal

I know that the Lord has many wondrous lessons, revelations, and insights to share with His children this year and I don’t want to miss one single aspect of it! So I’m going to start this year off building a habit that I have neglected over the years…journaling. I know from first-hand experience the powerful effects having a journal to go back and reference can have on a spiritual journey. It is an account of your experiences given by you!

You can retrace the emotions you felt, the sensations of the moment, the train of thought the Holy Spirit led you on. I find that it keeps the journey fresh and alive, pushing the threat of stagnancy off to the side. Then of course there is the effect that writing has on the learning process. It seems to me that the things that I write become written in my heart much quicker and more efficiently than those things that I simply read or experience.

With all of these benefits, plus a mountain of others, I wondered why it was that I have consistently had so much trouble building the habit. One of the answers that were brought to my mind was the monotony of the journals I was attempting to keep. I got stuck in the pattern of simply writing an account of my day, my thoughts, and/or other revelations, etc. Before long I would be so incredibly bored with the entire process that it was nothing more than a painful chore.
Well this year I am determined to keep a full, daily prayer journal of my time with God and growth in Christ! So I am on a mission over the next few weeks to discover and try as many mediums and manners for journal keeping as I can. The only guidelines are that I must make an entry every day and that entry has to include at least one Bible verse. Other than that, I am free to express myself in any way I see fit!

I am really excited about this and looking forward to bring some fun and color into my time with the Father. I think that when things become to humdrum and routine they lose their air of celebration. That’s what our time with God is supposed to be about, celebrating His mercy in allowing us to grow closer to Him and to spend time building intimacy with Him! I desire for my journal to be a true reflection of a genuine and lively relationship with my Abba!

So I am off to find some fun ways to express my prayers and thoughts. I’ll be sharing what I find on Pinterest, so come by and check it out. In the meantime, I’d be honored if you’d share some of your favorite mediums for a prayer journal here! Be blessed beloved~

Surrendered to Him~

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