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All throughout the Word of God we are taught on the importance of teaching our children the not only what the Word says, but showing them how to live it and how to spot things contrary to that Word. Somewhere deep inside I’ve always known this, but over the course of the last six months it has become increasingly forefront in my spirit. Yesterday, however, it slapped me square in the face and twisted my soul in knots!

I have always been a knowledge-seeker of sorts. I truly enjoy learning new things although it’s never really been focused on any particular subject. I simply embark on random learning adventures and follow the process where it leads. In the process of these learning adventures over the years, I have inadvertently reshaped my view of many common elements of the world and thus how I respond to them.

I was taught early on that with knowledge comes with responsibility. That’s where the saying “ignorance is bliss” comes from. The less you know and the less knowledge you have access to, the less information you are held accountable for. Once you know, however, you called to consciously make a decision on what to do with that information, making you responsible for the outcome. That’s exactly what happened when one of those learning adventures led me down the history of holidays as we know them today. What I learned led me to make some general decisions regarding me and my household years and years ago, most before I even had kids.

In the course of all my knowledge gather and subsequent decision making, I did manage to miss one crucial step. I didn’t efficiently teach my children what I know. I stress efficiently, because I always think I have taught them something until it comes up again and I realize that none of what I taught stuck. Considering my family is going to be transitioning to homeschooling at the end of this school year, this has become an increasing concern for me.

My kids are like me in so many surface areas that, in the day to day interactions, I’m prone to forget just how drastically different they are from me in the foundations of their personalities. My girls are not nearly as curious as I am and the arts of deduction and induction have long been a tedious lesson in my house. Yesterday though, praise God, I was blessed with the revelation I needed to see the source of my difficulties with educating my girls.

I have been casually sharing facts and processing their lack of curiosity as comprehension instead of intentionally teaching facts and testing their comprehension. So in the classic fashion of all that is ~rose~, I now have a plan! I was already set up to start a seasonal décor campaign in my house starting in January, so I’ll be adding holidays to that. Each season, starting this month, we are going to do dedicated units on the history of the holidays in that season and how, or if, it is acceptable to be celebrated by us {meaning me and my girls only} as followers of Christ. This way they get to learn the facts and interact with them in thought, giving their own opinions.

I really believe this will help them not only learn the lessons, but give them the chance to build their own set of beliefs that are written on their hearts as opposed to just doing what momma tells them to do. We have already started this with daily Bible lessons and I’ve seen such progress in just a short amount of time. Not only that, but we’ll also be building traditions as a family unit and that solidarity will place another layer on the armor that helps them stand strong against the world in the face of trails. I’m surprisingly excited about this, especially considering I’ve proclaimed passionately all my life that I’m not a teacher and now I’ll be writing lesson plans. I see great things coming for my family though, and I’m honored to have the privilege of teaching and raising my girls. God is truly Awesome! Until next time, be blessed lovelies!~

Surrendered to Him~

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