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2013_06_23 To Do

In My Head: “I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING!!!!”

And I will have ya’ll know that I mean that too…lol! I don’t want to work. I don’t want to write. I don’t even want to play! It is one of those days! You know the one, where nothing pacifies you and you just can’t seem to get settled into a single solitary thing. Sometimes you get to the point with it that you would settle for being lazy in front of the TV all day if you could just get the peace of getting interested in something, anything! These are the days you run around starting 50 projects only to find yourself just sitting and staring at the walls daydreaming about nothing 15 minutes after you get started. You’re wired with energy and can’t seem to find anything to focus that energy on. Yet you are so full of energy you can’t even settle into a nap! You want to pull your hair out, scream, cry!

I find that more often than not the cause of days like this is caused either by an unsettled spirit, being led by emotions, or both. Something may be going on that has you frazzled in one way or another. Maybe a high energy event has just ended in your life or is about to start. It could even be that you have been doing some deep internal work and your emotions are raw and running rampant as a result. The list literally goes on and on as to why these days happen. Whatever the cause is though, if left unchecked it could run amuck and ruin not only this day, but many days down the line.


My Conscious Choice: “I will be productive in these specific areas, in this specific way!”


As a child of God, you stand on things more powerful than mere emotions and feelings and you are ordained with the power to overcome all obstacles through Him. As we all know though, with great power comes great responsibility. So it is a matter of principle and honor for me not to allow one single blessed day that God has given me go by without producing fruit. So by my commitment to that, I now must consciously choose to override my feelings and do SOMETHING! Did you hear me? I said…DO SOMETHING! I didn’t say do something big. I didn’t say do something meaningful. I said…DO SOMETHING!

See the key is to just start that momentum shift, especially if you are new to the process of overriding your emotions. All you need to do starting out is show yourself that you can in fact do something that you don’t feel like doing AND that you can feel good about it when you’re done! To give you an example, when I was just starting out, I had been stuck in this rut for three whole days. I was to the point where every time I tried to do something and couldn’t get into it, I would just burst into tears sulking in what a failure I was. But on this day, I realized that every time I did that the devil was winning twice! Not only was he getting me to be unfruitful, but he was getting me to wallow in guilt and condemnation over it too! Well that was enough! I had a stack of magazines sitting on the shelf that I had been saying I was going to go through for months. So, with the dishes piled up in the sink, the laundry undone, dinner not cooked, house in shambles, and homework not even started, I sat in the middle of my bed with all these magazines and went through them. It took me most of the day but when I got done I had cleared the stack of magazines and I had a sense of accomplishment. I even got up and got the essentials done that evening in record time. Each day after that it got easier and easier.

The key is being able to quickly identify what is going on and have a plan of action to get yourself out of it. If you know that you are prone to days like this, set aside a plan of action beforehand. I have a list of “mindless” tasks that I jump into on days like today already set up. That way as soon as I realize I’m in a slump, I pick the first thing off that list and get it done. At this stage for me, that is usually enough to give me the shift that I need to get moving but if it’s not then I move to the next task until I am shifted. It all starts with a commitment to be fruitful everyday no matter what. Tell our Daddy in Heaven about your commitment, your desire, and ask Him for strength and revelation in getting it done. You can do it! I have faith in you and so does He! Be blessed!

Surrendered to Him~





Do you have any special ways to shake free on days like this? Share some of your story, you never know who may happen along and find a blessing in your words.

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  1. Happy Little Feet
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    What a touching post. I love the idea of trying even when you are tired. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • ~rose~
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      Thank you for your comment! I so enjoy the feedback! Pushing past the “don’t want to’s” and “don’t feel like it’s” isn’t always easy, but it is so rewarding in the end! Be blessed lovely!

  2. Christi Marcotte
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    Oh, Rose, I have those days! If it is a day that I’m lucky enough to have my husband at home, I’ll ask him to get me started… I don’t need much, just start making a pile, or unload the top rack… and suddenly, I’m ready to go. How can I just sit and “waller” if my sweet husband is up and doing something? Sometimes I have to trick myself with my full consent! :o)

    • ~rose~
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      “Trick myself with full consent”! That is a delicious description of the process! You are so right, having someone around you who is busy makes it easier to get moving too. Thanks for to comment lovely. Be blessed!

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