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2013_05_26 Sisterhood 

Just as they say, “It takes a man to teach a man,” I say, “It takes a woman to nurture a woman.” There is no one who knows the heart, trials, pains, joys, and passions of a woman like another woman. It is for that reasons that bonds between women are so powerful…and so dangerous. No one can encourage and nurture like a woman, but having access to those deep vulnerable places yields tremendous power and influence. Thus no one can hurt or maim a spirit like a woman either. It is tool that ever woman should wield with caution.

I am blessed to have had such a bond with my mother and my grandmother. I know there are many who cannot say that. It made for a very secure upbringing because I always knew where to run when I was in need. But for me, the part of my life where I have needed the most nurturing I have spent without that bond. I got married in June 1997, my grandmother passed in January 1998, I signed my divorce papers the morning of June 24, 1999, and my mother passed that afternoon. I got pregnant with my first child that November at the age of 20.

I say this not for sympathy, but to show the power a break in a bond like that can have. I hopped from one man’s bed to another trying to replace that bond to no avail. I even tried women’s beds in hopes that the woman to woman connection would fill that void. Three children, a line of broken hearts, and a great deal too many years spent alone later I have finally realized what I need from a relationship, what I had with those great matriarchs of my family that I have not had since. I have finally found my definition of a Titus 2 woman {Titus 2:3-5}, which I believe Elizabeth was and I know my matriarchs were. It is a woman who has been where you are, knows to way out, and, mostly importantly, DESIRES to see and help you grow through it and beyond.

Through all I took myself through, that was the thing that was missing…being in the company of women who desire to see me grow, who have a vested interest in my success deep in their spirits, and who are willing to sacrifice to help me achieve greatness in Him. That is what drives me, what pushes me forward…to do everything I can through Him to never allow anyone in my presence be without at least a taste of that. Everyone should know that someone cares whether they make it or not. Everyone should know that they are not the only ones who can get into the most ridiculous messes the world has ever seen. Everyone should feel His loved through an earthly being. Every scared and lost little Mary should have an Elizabeth.

We have a responsibility and a duty as women of Christ to preserve these types of relationships through the good and the bad and be open to offering them to others. It is up to us to guard that balance of power to ensure that there is no misuse or manipulations occur. We also have to be careful not to let unfruitful acquaintances drain all of our energy leaving none to produce the fruit in those Godly bonds of womanhood. Mary and Elizabeth bonded and nurtured each other in a Holy bond that resulted in the births of John the Baptist and our Lord and Savior Yeshua HaMashiach! What fruit can you co-produce for the Kingdom by nurturing a Godly bond of womanhood?

I pray you blessings and abundance beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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