During the campaign for the 2016 presidential election, I found myself in a position that was far more painful than I have ever experienced in my life (and I have been through a few things). People claiming to serve my God and claiming to believe in the same teaching that I believe in were saying things (or even worse not saying things) that were not only completely contrary to those teachings and opposite in nature to how my God defines Himself, love. At first, I was angry and I erroneously reacted as such. Then I shut down…completely…websites, social media, and emotionally. I had lost my entire Faith community and had gained serious trust issues. I was extremely lonely and had some serious questions about my Faith. I mean, if they could claim to love me, a black woman, and behave in that manner maybe I was following the wrong Path. I prayed, I studied, but mostly I just cried. It took 2 years for me to climb out of that spiritual hole and begin to rebuild my Faith, my business, and my life. It left me determined to create a place that took on social issues from a perspective that accurately represented my Faith and my God, so out of those ashes, the ~rose~ SPEAKS was born.

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No More Silence: Ending My Silence on Social Justice Issues

I have had my struggle with coveting several times in life, but there is only one area I have ever been in danger of becoming engulfed by it. That area is silence. Without question, silence is among the top things … Read More