The story is all too common…

The Vision is clear, the Mission is solid, and the Calling is unmistakable! You are ready to start your Kingdom Enterprise! There’s only one problem…

You don’t know how!

An intelligent woman like you, though, surely you can find the information you need, connect with some other entrepreneurs, and get this thing going…right?

However, when you get out there and start connecting, you realize the entrepreneurial community sounds a lot like a stock trading floor!

“Sell! Sell! Sell!”…”Buy this to get rich!”…”You have to spend big money to make big money!”

It doesn’t take long to realize that this business model will not work for what you have been called for. You were Ordained to chase purpose, not profits.

So what do you do

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there is not room for profit in a Kingdom Enterprise, just that the focus is not on profit. It’s on maximizing the positive impact your calling has on the world. This is true whether you are starting a non-profit, a for-profit LLC, or a for-profit corporation like Agape Visions.

If you have made it this far, and are still nodding your head, I have good news for you…

There is another way!

BKE_3D Cover

You can build a successful Kingdom Enterprise around YOUR principles, around YOUR goals, and, yes, around YOUR Faith and still turn enough profit to support your family and expand your mission.

I am building a resource to help you do just that!

A combination ebook and business plan, Building a Kingdom Enterprise will carry you through…

  • Defining what being a Kingdom Enterprise means to you, including deciding what rules govern this enterprise
  • Taking an in-depth look at your calling, the need you have been Ordained to fill, and the tools you gave been Graced to use in that process
  • Laying out a clear cut plan to pay for it all
  • …and more!

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