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2013_12_01 5 More

There is a line that gets me in more trouble and decreases my productivity more than just about anything else, “Just 5 more minutes!” I don’t think I have ever accomplished the art of “just 5 more minutes”. That little ole 5 minutes turns into an hour before I even know what’s happening. That is the reason, especially with my days continuously getting busier and busier, that I have found a renewed passion for a couple of essential tools that have fallen way too far by the wayside here recently.

1. My Calendar.

I have gotten in the habit lately of just writing what I need to do in a list and crossing them off as I get them done. This holds no real accountability though. I have no set time to work on it and no time limit for getting it done. This sets a pace of accomplishment far too leisurely for me to actually make progress. I find that I get stuck in the bare minimum category far too often. Therefore, this week I will start back assigning things off my list to a set time on my day planner calendar. Task 1 will be done at this hour and I have 1 hour to get it done, so forth and so on. That way I am not only constantly aware of the time and what I’m doing, but it forces me to work vigorously to get it done on time. {Proverbs 31:17}

2. My Timer.

This is most certainly going to help with adhering to number 1, but it is more than that. I recommitted myself to my prayer hours and to staying hydrated a few weeks ago. While I have alarms set for the prayers, I think that the timer would help as well and be a reminder for me to drink some water each time the timer goes off. The timer will be set for an hour, so I will push through my day and all that needs to be done one hour at a time stopping after each our to rehydrate and to speak with God to make sure I am still in alignment for His plan for the day. It may sound like a lot, but it only takes a minute or two each hour and the increase in productivity and peace that it brings is truly worth it. It also gives you time to stop and take a deep breath, release any tension, and start back working with renewed energy and strength.

I invite you to come join me for this week’s challenge and let’s grow together. Let’s close those gaps the enemy is using to weasel into our lives and render us less effective for the Kingdom! Be sure to let me know how it goes for you. You can check in here, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter! Step-by-Step we will reach success!

I pray you focus and motivation beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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