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One of the most important aspects of building something is the strength of the foundation it sits on. No matter how sound a structure may be, without a solid, level, strong foundation, it will eventually come crashing down. That is why Faith is the foundation here at AVI. Everything AVI does is connected to and rooted in Faith and all that I share and expound upon flows from the perspective of my Torah-rooted Faith. In that same way, AVI clients are encouraged to deeply connect with their respective Faiths and build their lives, families, and enterprise upon them.


Just as a structure needs a strong foundation to endure the test of time, so it needs a strong base to support the heights that will be built upward. Here at AVI, that base is community. Your community includes your family and those you partner with to affect positive change around you. Community, in one form or another, is fundamental to the long-term success of an endeavor, as they keep up motivated and encouraged, filling in the gaps in places where we are lacking.


The tower that we build upon our Faith foundation and family base here at AVI is an Enterprise in which both the business and the business owner thrive consistently. Your enterprise is simply the manifestation of purpose you were Divine Ordained with. Every creature in Creation has one and the gal here is to help you discover it, connect with it, and walk in it.


When all of these aspects begin to work together in a balanced way, something beautiful is born. The Hebrew Scriptures use the word “echad {אֶחָד}” to describe this unity. It is when aspects are blended so completely that you cannot tell where one begins and another ends. They aspects simply exist in a perfectly unified state of unbreakable peace and harmony. When a person achieves such unity in their lives and begins to thrive in their endeavors, they then enter a position to effect real and positive change in the world around them. This is the ultimate goal at AVI, to build a vast tribe of Kingdom builders bringing Light-filled change to the world.

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